25-27 Haziran 2013 tarihinde Novorossisk’te gerçekleştirilen I. Uluslararası Karadeniz Denizcilik Enstitüleri Birliği (BSAMI) Konferansı’nın açılış oturumunda yapılan konuşma

Beste Pehlivan Sun 24.06.2013
Distinguished Participants,
Dear Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure and honor for me to attend the 1st International Conference of the Black Sea Association of the Maritime Institutions. My feeling of honour actually doubles with the facts that the BSAMI was established 2 years ago in my county, in İstanbul and the 1st Conference is held here in this beautiful city of Novorossiysk of the Russian Federation, where I am serving as my country’s Consul General.

I would like to thank Professor Sergey Kondratiev, the Rector and Prof. Alexander Fayvisovich, for inviting me to the Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University on the occasion this Conference. I had great opportunity to be able to visit and receive information about this distinguished institute. Please allow me to express my gratitute for the warm welcome and hospitality extended to me and my Deputy.


- The Black Sea Region encompasses an area of nearly 20 million square kilometers.

- Its population is over 330 million people.

- Connecting major transportation and trade routes, as well as crucial energy corridors of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the Black Sea Region presents huge opportunities.

- The region altogether represents 7.6% of the world’s economy.

- Its GDP grows 6% annually despite the economic crisis.

- Its total GDP amounts to 3.4 trillion USD.

- Black Sea Economic Cooperation intra-trade volume amounts to almost 300 billion USD.

Taking stock of these assets, we found the establishment of BSAMI very timely and beneficiary, since the main purpose of this organization is to promote the Black Sea Region as a global center of high quality maritime human resources. Focusing on the human resource aspect, is of utmost importance in today’s world, where standards and expectations became both very high.

We attach importance to the work of the Association, which will further and deepen our cooperation in the priority areas of common interest such as environmental protection, trade and transport, by means of incerasing the quality of the humans resources in these fields.

As the main transit route between North-south and being at the intersection of major energy routes of Eurasia, we, as the littoral countries need to be extremely sensitive about maintaining the current status of our region. Cooperation in maritime issues, particularly in the fields of safety of navigation, maintenance of security, protection of marine environment and fisheries could be further developed via home-grown initiatives and mechanisms to be established with the participation of the littoral countries. We value this Conference as a step forward in this regard.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Before concluding, please allow me to say a few words on Black Sea. Black Sea is our common heritage. It is not diving us, the littoral countries, but actually uniting us. Me and and my family are in fact a living example of this unification. When we arrived here in this beautiful city, nearly nine months ago, it took us only a day or two to feel ourselves home. Climate, geography and the most importantly, the warmth of the people of Black Sea helped us in everyway to feel ourselves home. This will always be remembered by me and members of my family. Therefore, I beleive that it is our duty to combine our efforts in promoting this common asset of ours.

To conclude, I would like to extend my congratulations on the convening of the 1 st Conference of BSAMI and wish all of you very successful and fruitful exchanges. We stand ready to continue to support the work of the Association.

Thank you.

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